Embroidery Designing

Embroidery Designing

Last summer I decided I wanted to update my sewing machine and get a newer model and I wanted it to have the ability to do embroidery too. I researched for a while the different brands, models, features, etc. I then took all the information I gathered and I went to a local sewing and vacuum store to see what they recommended. I purchased a Janome 9850 (sewing and embroidery combo). I LOVE this machine!! I enjoyed sewing before but now that I can do embroidery I am really enjoying that ability. I also decided to purchase software that would allow me to take photos and turn them into embroidered designs. I still have a lot to learn about my machine and about designing but so far I am really enjoying what I have made. Here is one of the first designs I created from a photo. This is my dear sweet Cooper and I took his picture and I put it on a tea towel that is now hung in my kitchen. I learned a lot from this project and on the projects that I have done since this one. I hope to be able to build on this skill and who knows maybe I will upgrade and get a Janome 15000 (this is a much larger machine and it can handle larger projects too).

Fall has arrived and so have the new designs for the 2019 Holiday Season!

The leaves are starting to change color in South-Central PA. . It is such a colorful time of year! I wanted to share that there are several new designs that will be available this Holiday Season. I start working on new designs in February and I continue working on them throughout the Spring and Summer months spending time tweaking them and making adjustments from suggestions that come from friends and family. Several of the ideas never make it past my initial creation as I am not happy with how they turned out or I find they will be too expensive to create going forward. I wanted to share a picture of a pair of earrings that I created that I think will be something fun for this time of year. There are several more designs coming but these seemed appropriate for the start of Fall! I hope you are as excited about them as I am!

Christmas in July Sale and Giveaway Event!!!

Sanders’ Crafts is getting ready to celebrate Christmas in July! The promotion will run July 15, 2019 – July 22, 2019. There will be lots of giveaways and discounts offered during this time. For more information on this celebration click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/381258065716218/

There are some exciting giveaways and sales that will be taking place. Lincoln and Cooper will also be sharing some of their excitement over the pawTree products that they have been using the past few weeks!

Each day we will be featuring a different product on sale while supplies last.

July 15th – Stamped Earrings 50% OFF

July 16th – Ornament Hooks 50% OFF

July 17th – Charm & Beaded Earrings 50% OFF

July 18th – Swarovski Snowflake Ornaments 50% OFF

July 19th – Stamped Ornaments 50% OFF

July 20th – Stamped Pet ID Tags 50% OFF

July 21st – Charm & Beaded Bracelets 50% OFF

July 22nd – Stamped Necklace Pendants 50% OFF

Stamped coins…

Stamped coins…

A friend recently asked if I could stamp a design on a dime for her. She wanted to have a fun and unique memory of her 10 year wedding anniversary. I had never done this before so I went home and I got out a few coins and I started stamping on them to see how difficult it would be. I found the most challenging part to this was making sure the letters lined up on the coin as the coin would not stay put even under my tape ruler. I was able to come up with some ways to do this and was quite happy with the results.

After I stamped on some practice coins I got to thinking…is this illegal? I started doing some research on this and it turns out that you can stamp on coins and turn them into jewelry and souvenirs as long as you do not pass them off as currency. I am sure many of you have seen the penny smashing machines at tourist locations/amusement parks around the US, if not then the basic idea is that you insert a penny into a machine and you select the design you wanted engraved onto the penny and then you crank the handle and the end result is a smashed penny in an oval shape with the selected design engraved/stamped onto it. These make great inexpensive souvenirs. I have made several of these over the years and really enjoy having these. I also reached out to the folks at my local bank to get their input on this and they confirmed this as well.

Since my first coin project I have created a few other pieces that have turned out great. They are gifts so I cannot share the details at this time but watch the Facebook page for some updated pictures as I am able to share 🙂

It’s finally getting warmer!

Wow! May is here and the weather is finally getting warm. YAH!!! This is an exciting time of year for me. It is kidding season for my goat herd. So far we have one doe kid that was born 2 weeks ago. She has been named Abilene, Abby for short. She is a very spunky and energetic kid! Unfortunately she doesn’t have any playmates yet but we are hoping that will change in the next week or two as Muddi is getting close to kidding. Back to business! Now is a good time to be thinking about gifts for those Grads and Dads in our lives! I have some unique designs that I have been working on that would make great gifts for graduates in your life and for Dads too! There are key chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc available. I have included a picture of one of my new necklace pendants that is available for sale. Not quite sure what you are looking for? Feel free to message me and share your ideas and thoughts with me. I would be glad to help you create a special gift.

Enjoy the warmer weather and the beautiful flowers that are blooming!

On May 11th from 10am – 3pm I will be demonstrating some of my stamping designs at Land of the Little Horses! If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kids consider stopping out to see the horses and other animals next weekend! There is even a unicorn to pet!!!

Framed and ready to hang!

Framed and ready to hang!

Some of you have seen this punch needle design before as I worked on it. This was the first design I created myself. It took me 9 months to complete, partly being I had to say goodbye to Nutmeg in July of last year. She passed away from a tumor and it took me a while to move on from this. She was a very special goat to me and I will cherish the time I had with her very much. I was able to finish the design in February and then took it to a local store to be framed. I wanted this particular design to be matted, framed, and behind fade resistant glass. And here is the finished product! I am very happy with how this turned out and I have already started working on my next goat themed design! Yes Nutmeg is in the next one too! I have also started working on a few designs that can be used for patterns for other to make as well. Now that Spring has arrived (well I think it has anyway) I will be busy with outdoor chores and the baby goats that will be born any day now! I hope to get some great pictures of the babies this spring to use for some future punch needle designs. I have some ideas of what I would like to make as patterns just need to get some pics of the kiddos to finish the drawings.

Spring is not far away…

Time is really going by very quickly this year…it doesn’t seem possible but in another week Valentine’s Day will be here! I have been busy working on stamped jewelry designs. I have a fascination with llamas right now 🙂 I made several llama themed necklace pendants this week. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Also I recently designed my first 2 punch needle patterns and the have been posted on my Etsy store (they will be posted here on the Sanders’ Crafts web store this weekend). They are heart shaped ornaments one features a cat and the other features a dog. I have a few minor changes I would make to the color threads I used but overall I am really happy with both. I have already started working on my next idea. This one will be for Christmas. Have no fear I will be working on patterns for other holidays as well as everyday designs too. While I was working on the heart ornament patterns I spent some time looking over the various thread colors of Valdani Pearl Cotton Thread. I love the variegated colors a lot. They really make some of my designs stand out giving shading to the background that I would not get if I would have used a solid color. While doing this research I stumbled onto their Twisted Tweed Collection. This is a set of 12 colors that instead of being variegated the colors are twisted through the whole ball of threat. I am in LOVE with these colors! I may have to put my current pattern I am working on aside as I really want to come up with a pattern that incorporates some of these tweed threads! I have a few ideas I am bouncing around in my head right now and I hope in the next few days I can get a basic pattern laid out.

Sounds like Spring is right around the corner so I better get back to creating! Happy crafting everyone!

Fun projects during the winter

Fun projects during the winter

Last April I learned how to punch needle! This has been so much fun learning. I have found I have a little more time on my hands over the winter now that my sales have slowed down a bit I can work on creating my own patterns/designs. I started last year working on my first design. I took a picture of Nutmeg (one of my goats) and created a punch needle pattern using the picture as my guide. I have titled it Nutmeg in the Barn Yard. I am not finished with it yet but I expect to be done in the near future. I hand drew the background around Nutmeg and I hope to create several more designs of the goats and of the dogs. As I finish up this design of her I find that I am struggling with how to finish it for displaying. I am checking out what others have done and I am leaning towards framing the design but I first want to decide on matting it or using fabric as a mat/border. Stay tuned as I finish this up I will post pictures of the finished design as well as the information for the first pattern I will be offering for sale!

Winter Blues

I believe Winter is finally here…what a great time to work on some sewing and punch needle projects. I have been working on some of my punch needle projects as well as working on some original designs too. I am hoping to have some patterns available in a few weeks to share with you all. One of the neat simple devices I now use when punch needling is a valdani thread ball holder. My friend, Jacob Poff (owner of H3LD Climbing Holds) made me a thread ball holder using a 3d printer. This holder works great to hold my ball of valdani thread while I am working on a punch needle project! It is lightweight and easy to pack in a bag with my current project if I am traveling too! I just put my ball of thread in the holder and the thread comes out a hole on the side and the ball rolls around within the holder and doesn’t roll away and doesn’t get tangled up. I just sit the holder next to me in the chair (you can also binder clip clamp it if you want). I LOVE this thing!!! It has made my punch needling so much easier.
I have partnered with Jake to sell these on my website for several weeks now. I recently found a vendor for the materials to make these a little cheaper so I am passing this savings onto my customers. I also have a few of the holders that have a minor flaw that are available for an even lower price (it could be that the holder doesn’t sit perfectly flat on a table, it could be the walls of the holder aren’t as smooth or something similar). If interested in one of these or a few to give to your friends please check out my listing here on my store. I have gotten several reviews that people are happy with them and find they are useful.
Happy crafting this winter!!!

Holiday Sales 2018

My first blog post on Sanders’ Crafts!!!

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away and I think this is a good time to reflect on what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family, this year has been an especially hard year for us but we have pushed through and we continue to look for the positive in all situations. I have to say even though the various struggles have been difficult each one has taught me a lesson that I will care with me as I continue my journey. I have learned that

I also want to thank all of my customers for supporting my store. I would not be able to expand my designs if it wouldn’t be for you.

I have started working with some new styles with my jewelry and beaded ornaments/hooks and so far the feedback on the designs I have created has been positive. I am looking to continue building on these new designs and hope to be able to make them available to purchase very soon!

I am very excited to share the stamped jewelry I have been creating. I am still learning how best to stamp the various designs on the different metals. I have done a lot of trial and error with these. I really enjoy getting to be creative with these and hope the folks who have bought them are enjoying them too!

I welcome your feedback/comments so please feel free to share. Thanks for reading my first blog post.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!