Last April I learned how to punch needle! This has been so much fun learning. I have found I have a little more time on my hands over the winter now that my sales have slowed down a bit I can work on creating my own patterns/designs. I started last year working on my first design. I took a picture of Nutmeg (one of my goats) and created a punch needle pattern using the picture as my guide. I have titled it Nutmeg in the Barn Yard. I am not finished with it yet but I expect to be done in the near future. I hand drew the background around Nutmeg and I hope to create several more designs of the goats and of the dogs. As I finish up this design of her I find that I am struggling with how to finish it for displaying. I am checking out what others have done and I am leaning towards framing the design but I first want to decide on matting it or using fabric as a mat/border. Stay tuned as I finish this up I will post pictures of the finished design as well as the information for the first pattern I will be offering for sale!