Time is really going by very quickly this year…it doesn’t seem possible but in another week Valentine’s Day will be here! I have been busy working on stamped jewelry designs. I have a fascination with llamas right now 🙂 I made several llama themed necklace pendants this week. I am very pleased with how they turned out.

Also I recently designed my first 2 punch needle patterns and the have been posted on my Etsy store (they will be posted here on the Sanders’ Crafts web store this weekend). They are heart shaped ornaments one features a cat and the other features a dog. I have a few minor changes I would make to the color threads I used but overall I am really happy with both. I have already started working on my next idea. This one will be for Christmas. Have no fear I will be working on patterns for other holidays as well as everyday designs too. While I was working on the heart ornament patterns I spent some time looking over the various thread colors of Valdani Pearl Cotton Thread. I love the variegated colors a lot. They really make some of my designs stand out giving shading to the background that I would not get if I would have used a solid color. While doing this research I stumbled onto their Twisted Tweed Collection. This is a set of 12 colors that instead of being variegated the colors are twisted through the whole ball of threat. I am in LOVE with these colors! I may have to put my current pattern I am working on aside as I really want to come up with a pattern that incorporates some of these tweed threads! I have a few ideas I am bouncing around in my head right now and I hope in the next few days I can get a basic pattern laid out.

Sounds like Spring is right around the corner so I better get back to creating! Happy crafting everyone!