Last summer I decided I wanted to update my sewing machine and get a newer model and I wanted it to have the ability to do embroidery too. I researched for a while the different brands, models, features, etc. I then took all the information I gathered and I went to a local sewing and vacuum store to see what they recommended. I purchased a Janome 9850 (sewing and embroidery combo). I LOVE this machine!! I enjoyed sewing before but now that I can do embroidery I am really enjoying that ability. I also decided to purchase software that would allow me to take photos and turn them into embroidered designs. I still have a lot to learn about my machine and about designing but so far I am really enjoying what I have made. Here is one of the first designs I created from a photo. This is my dear sweet Cooper and I took his picture and I put it on a tea towel that is now hung in my kitchen. I learned a lot from this project and on the projects that I have done since this one. I hope to be able to build on this skill and who knows maybe I will upgrade and get a Janome 15000 (this is a much larger machine and it can handle larger projects too).