I believe Winter is finally here…what a great time to work on some sewing and punch needle projects. I have been working on some of my punch needle projects as well as working on some original designs too. I am hoping to have some patterns available in a few weeks to share with you all. One of the neat simple devices I now use when punch needling is a valdani thread ball holder. My friend, Jacob Poff (owner of H3LD Climbing Holds) made me a thread ball holder using a 3d printer. This holder works great to hold my ball of valdani thread while I am working on a punch needle project! It is lightweight and easy to pack in a bag with my current project if I am traveling too! I just put my ball of thread in the holder and the thread comes out a hole on the side and the ball rolls around within the holder and doesn’t roll away and doesn’t get tangled up. I just sit the holder next to me in the chair (you can also binder clip clamp it if you want). I LOVE this thing!!! It has made my punch needling so much easier.
I have partnered with Jake to sell these on my website for several weeks now. I recently found a vendor for the materials to make these a little cheaper so I am passing this savings onto my customers. I also have a few of the holders that have a minor flaw that are available for an even lower price (it could be that the holder doesn’t sit perfectly flat on a table, it could be the walls of the holder aren’t as smooth or something similar). If interested in one of these or a few to give to your friends please check out my listing here on my store. I have gotten several reviews that people are happy with them and find they are useful.
Happy crafting this winter!!!