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aluminum goat blank and sterling silver ear wires


I am a big fan of goats and enjoy raising them as a hobby. Do you know someone that raises or loves goats too? Would you like to get that person a unique gift that is one of a kind? How about a pair of hammered goat earrings?

The first pair of earrings I hammered was of a pair of sheep and I enjoyed it so much I tried it again on a pair of goats. The unique design I created with each one was so much fun that I am working to expand this hammering technique to other shapes and animals as well. Please keep watch of my store as I am continuing to expand the variety of hammered jewelry I will be offering. If you have a special request or custom order please contact me. I would enjoy working with you to create that special piece of jewelry you are looking for.

The goat charms in this listing are made of aluminum material and the ear wires are sterling silver.

This pair of goats is hammered using a square stamp design (I do offer other designs as well if you would be interested).

I hammered each one by hand so no two goats are the same. They have also been bent to give more dimension to each goat.

The earrings measure approximately 1 1/2 inches long (this includes the ear wire) and they are lightweight so your ear doesn’t feel weighed down when wearing it. I am funny about the earrings I wear as I don’t like anything that is heavy as it pulls on my ears and it just feels weird!


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