This past year has gone by very quickly. I am very excited that Spring is here! The flowers will bloom soon, the grass is going to grow and baby goats will be born soon! Spring is my favorite time of year. I love seeing all of the plants come back to life and I really enjoy getting to be outside more with my dogs and goats:)

It also means that I need to work on the new designs for the year! I am very excited about some of the designs and techniques I am learning. I have been wanting to try making flying geese for some time but honestly they looked very intimidating to me and I wasn’t sure I wanted to mess with them. I recently signed up for an Ugly Duckling Quilt Contest at a local shop and part of the designs involves making flying geese (16 of them to be exact). I found a YouTube video to watch and I thought I should make a few practice geese before I tried to make the ones I needed for the quilt contest. So here is a snapshot of my practice geese (these aren’t sewn together yet in the photo). They turned out much better than I expected so I am ready to give the ones for the contest a try. I will share pictures of my progress and completed quilt once the contest is over as it would be unfair to the other participants of the contest if anyone saw what I am working on.