Its time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. I have spent the past few months taking various sewing and embroidery classes to build up my skills. As I was doing this I found that my Janome machine was limiting me on some of the sizes I could design. I found that I really wanted to be able to create larger designs. So I started researching what I could get within my budget. I really wanted to get another Janome machine but while doing my research I wasn’t able to find a machine that would do both sewing and embroidery with in my budget that would also fit in my craft area. I did come across a Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 that would work for all my needs and would also travel to class with me if I wanted to switch up the machine I was using. Win-Win!!!

So now that I have this 2nd machine I am working on some designs I hope to have ready and available for the upcoming busy shopping season…one of the items I am working on will be featured in the next blog a pet bandana 🙂