Over the past year and a half I have decided to go a different direction with my jewelry and gift making store. I have enjoyed making lots of different items but I feel it is time to concentrate on specific areas that I really enjoy making. I mentioned in my previous blog that I purchased an embroidery/sewing machine last August and I have really enjoyed working on various projects both for embroidery and for sewing on the machine. I have participated in a variety of classes as well. I want to expand on the embroidery and I hope to have a line of items available in the coming weeks prior to the start of the holiday season. As part of this reorganization comes the time to re-home some of the supplies I no longer wish to continue working on or offer for sale in my store. I began about 2 months ago a large clean out project and I think it will continue for a few more months as I work to get the craft supplies organized. I never realized I have accumulated as much as I have but there is no better time than the present to get started on a reorganization. I then hope to move on to the rest of the house to clean out items there as well. As a result of this clean out I started a sale last week and I am pleased with the results of the sale to date. The sale will run through the remainder of July. I may add new items to the sale as I clean and reorganize the craft space/desk so please check back as there might be something of interest as I go.