Punch Needle – Thread Ball Holder (minor flaws)


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I was looking for a holder for my punch needle thread and didn’t see anything I liked on the web that was affordable or that would work to easily take with you.

This listing is for a flawed thread holder (color depends on what is available at the time of purchase). These holders work just fine they have a minor flaw or imperfection. The flaw could be that the holder might not sit perfectly flat or might have an area that was not a smooth when printed, or something similar.
Please note: Thread is not included.

So I decided I would come up with my own idea. I came up with the “Nutcomb” thread container (named for my goat Nutmeg) and my friend, Jacob Poff, owner of H3LD Climbing (maker of 3D printed climbing holds and training equipment), was able to take my idea and design it to be printed on a 3D printer! This works great to store my Valdani thread balls for my punch needle projects.

They all work great to hold your ball of thread made by Valdani while working on a project. This comb keeps the ball in place but allows for it to roll around as you use the thread.

The color of the comb will also vary depending on what filament is available, right now there are 2 colors available: rainbow and marble. Rainbow will vary in color depending on what is printing on the roll at the time some of the containers could have multiple colors and others may be a one color. Marble will stay the same.
Hoping to expand the color options in the future if there is an interest/market.

I really like that I can easily see the label and color on the thread ball and that these containers are light weight so storing them in a tote or taking them with me to a class will not weigh down my bag 🙂

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