Earrings – Stamped Goats and Alpacas


hammered/stamped designs on a metal shape



Handcrafted Goat and Alpaca Earrings

Made with sterling silver or copper ear wires and there are a variety of metal shapes to choose from.

Each piece is hand stamped making them unique and one of a kind.

They make great gifts for family and friends!

I also have a separate listing for necklace pendants available to purchase.

If you would like a design different from what is available please contact me to place a special order.

Additional information


aluminum, brass, copper, sterling silver

Hammered/Stamped Design

Alpaca, American Flag 6mm, Boer Goat, Dairy Goat Head, DB Fainting Goat, DB Nubian Goat, Fainting Goat, Fainting Goat 12mm, Goat Hooves, Hammered Dots, Hammered Speckles, Hammered Stripes, Hammered Thin Circles, Hammered Weave, Hammered Wide Circles, Hoof, Horse Head, Horseshoe 6mm, Llama, Nubian Goat, Nubian Goat 12mm, Nubian Goat Head, Paw Print 3mm, snowflake A, snowflake B, snowflake C, snowflake D, Square Swirl 3mm, Swirl 6mm, Tree of Life 9.5mm, Tri-Swirl 3mm


1 1/4" Round 18g, 1" round 18g, 1/2" round 18g, 3/4" Round 18g, 3/4" square 18g, heart 18g, oval 18g, oval 24g, rectangle 20g, square 22g, trapezoid

enamel paint

no paint, yes, black paint, yes, gold paint, yes, green paint, yes, red/orange paint